Dai Andrews and David London featured in "b" magazine's story on Sideshow Schools!

Sideshow Schools

Circus of Wonders Swordswallower Dai Andrews and Magician David London were featured in "b", the entertainment weekly of The Baltimore Sun. The story is about circus and sideshow performers in Baltimore who present and teach their live art in the region.

From the story:

"You already knew Baltimore is full of freaks. But circus freaks? They're harder to find.

Look in the right places, and you'll find Baltimore has a small but colorful cadre of circus performers, drawn here because, well, Baltimore is almost as weird as they are. Here, we give you a sword swallower, an acrobat, an aerial artist, and a magician, each willing to teach you the soaring, death defying, grotesque, astonishing, tremendous acts that make the circus the greatest show on earth."

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Dai Andrews Photo by Philip Laubner

David London

Photo by Philip Laubner