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Variety Acts

David London - Magician

David London discovered that he was a magician at the age of seven, and has since spent over 20 years trying to figure out just what that means. He has created of five original theatrical magic productions, authored eight manuscripts related to magic and illusion, and has presented his shows and lectures in over 1/3 of the United States. David regularly performs his unique style of magic at theaters, museums, galleries, festivals, and private events. More Info

Kelly Jo Stull - Cirque Extraordinaire

Kelly Jo Stull is a Master of Marine Science and a cirque extraordinaire. She has been involved in the art of dance since the age of 5, dabbling in many forms, focusing most energy on the study of classical ballet. Kelly Jo now specializes the circus arts including hoops, poi, acrobatics, fire, stilt walking and aerial dance. She studied at the New England Center for Circus Arts and now travels all over the country sharing her love of circus arts! More Info

Jonathan Burns - Comedy & Contortion

Jonathan Burns was born with the gift of flexibility. Combining his contortion with magic, juggling, stand-up comedy, and sideshow stunts, his talents have taken him to stages across the United States and to festivals in Canada, China, and New Zealand. He spends most of the year touring Colleges & Universities, and his summers are spent performing at festivals and events around the globe. More Info

Mab Just Mab - Sideshow

Mab Just Mab combines artistry and pain to create hilarious & compelling entertainment. A glasswalker and blockhead, escape artist and ukulele fanatic, she combines classic sideshow, with taste of vaudeville, covered in comedy, mixed with ukulele! More Info

Salih Mahammed - Juggler

Salih Mahammed is a Circus performer from Ethiopia based in Baltimore, MD, USA. He had more than 12 years of performing experience. He performs a solo and duo Ball bounce­juggler, Bounce­juggling on a V shaped surface, can juggle up to 7 balls while balancing on a Unicycle, duo and solo Club juggling, Shape spinning(Square and Cube), Acrobat, Human pyramid, Fire,knife juggler and Dance! More Info

Harley Newman - Man of Danger

Harley pushes limits. He walks barefoot on sharp swords, dances in broken glass, and clears his sinuses with a high-heeled shoe! He swallows swords, uses his tongue to stop fans and pick locks, and escapes from a straitjacket while riding a unicycle! More Info

Cardone - Vaudeville Magician

Magic, Ventriloquism, Illusion, escape artistry, mind-reading, humor, pantomime and audience participation make his show the ultimate in variety entertainment.

Cardone is also the world's first Mentriloquist and has and has mystified audiences around the world with his unique ability.  More Info

Michael Rosman - Comedian Juggler

Comedian Juggler, Michael Rosman provides physical and verbal comedy juggling acts and shows.

For 20 years, Michael has been providing successful comedy juggling shows for all ages, all types and sizes of events…even getting the most humor impaired audiences laughing. More Info

David Darwin - One Man Sideshow

David Darwin is the natural selection for your entertainment. Dave presents a laugh-a-minute show of juggling, sideshow, and comedy. He will keep you riveted with amazing feats to keep you and your guests talking for years. More Info

Dai Andrews - Swordswallower

Dai Andrews is a two time Guinness World Record holding sword swallower. He has performed all over the world, from Baltimore to Barcelona, Johannesburg to Tokyo giving demonstrations in more than thirty countries on five continents. He is a headline entertainer at casinos, festivals, colleges, and was a feature entertainer for Carnival Cruise lines for six years, and has appeared on television more than 50 times! More Info

Bagoas - Middle Eastern Dance

Bagoas is an award winning tribal fusion belly dancer known for his musicality, lyricism, technical power, precision, dramatic presentations, overwhelming charisma and down to earth interaction with his audience. In 2010 he won the title of the Yellow Rose of Texas at Ya Halla Y'all in the Professional Tribal Alternative Men's category. Since then, he has been published in Zaghareet magazine, What Weekly, and the Capital Gazette, and has performed at oriental dance events along the East Coast including Rakkasah East, Belly Horror, Art of the Belly, and DC Tribal Café. More Info

Alyssum Pohl - Contortionist

Alyssum Pohl is an accomplished front-bending contortionist, who pulls from and integrates varied forms of dance and movement, including bellydance, yoga, classical Indian, classical Chinese and Mongolian, rhythm tap, creative movement, African, lyrical stage, jazz, contra-dance, waltz, 80's pop, as well as pop-and-lock. More Info

Drex - Poi

Ben "Drex" Drexler is a native of Boulder, Colorado and began his performance career as a musician before turning to dance and the circus arts. He has a background in poi and hoop fire dancing, performing frequently at various events, festivals, and retreats all over the country. More Info

Adventure to the Imagi Nation

The Adventure to the Imagi Nation utilizes magic, story-telling and interactive play to take children of all ages on a journey to the Imagi Nation– a far away place, found within each one of us. Magician David London presents a 30 minute performance designed for ages 5-11, and fun for everyone! More Info

Doc Volz - Flea Circus

Step right up to the biggest little show on Earth...

Doc Volz's Legendary FLEA CIRCUS is available as both an on stage performance as well as for interactive presentations. Doc is able to present this 10 minute program several times an hour throughout a festival or special event. More Info