May 20, 2016 Posted by Ringmaster in Previous Public Appearances

5/27/16 - 5/28/16 - Harley Newman's Theater of Danger - Richmond, VA

"A cerebral romp through what makes us human!"
"Legendary performance artist!"
"Human Oxymoron!"

At birth, doctors wondered if Harley would survive. They still do.

Harley pushes limits. He has pushed the boundaries of stunt, and been credited with reinventing sideshow.

Performances at 8PM on Friday and Saturday, May 27th and 28th!

He walks barefoot on sharp swords, and clears his sinuses with a high-heeled shoe. He swallows swords, and picks locks with his tongue. He escapes from a straitjacket while riding a unicycle, and lies on a bed of only four nails.

Katie Couric called him, "Man without Fear".

He is the only person ever to be recognized with Lifetime Achievement awards for performance in both sideshow and escapes, and was rejected by the Guinness Book of Records as "too dangerous to publish".

Ward Hall, the king of American sideshow, says "Harley Newman is the best sideshow entertainer of all time!"

Harley tours internationally. His television appearances have been seen by over a billion people.

Join Harley on the knife's edge bridge between the universe inside his head and the world outside. Each step leaves you wondering what could possibly happen next!

For the most adventurous audiences, join Harley 45 minutes prior to the main show for a special "Pre-Show Show," featuring an intimate performance of escapes, stunts, and who knows what else...

More info coming soon...