September 3, 2012 in Variety Acts

Adventure to the Imagi Nation

The Adventure to the Imagi Nation utilizes magic, story-telling and interactive play to take children of all ages on a journey to the Imagi Nation– a far away place, found within each one of us. Magician David London presents a 30 minute performance designed for ages 5-11, and fun for everyone!

The Adventure to the Imagi Nation is is both fun and educational in nature. Children are provided with a unique opportunity to express, explore and experience their own imagination in a way like never before, in this multi-dimensional performance.

Each performance culminates in a hat decorating activity, were each child gets to take home their own handmade souvenir of the show!

Designed for a minimum audience of 50 kids.

Take a ride in a hot air balloon! Meet he Mayor of Imagi and behold the beautiful phantasmata flower! Learn why everyone in Imagi wears hats! See a collection of water from around the world & meet Frank the Frog… and that’s just the first 10 minutes!

Join us on this adventure and allow your imagination to bring to life the colorful characters who make their home in Imagi.

All this and more, in your Adventure to the Imagi Nation!

What they’re saying...

"We would recommend this show to any institution, which promotes magic, wonder and play for children of all ages." -Chicago Children's Museum

"Wonderfully entertaining!” -Pasadena Elementary School

"Children, parents and staff were all happily transported to the Imagi Nation!” -The Walters Art Museum