August 9, 2017 in Interactive Arts

April Gomez - Balloon Artist

Balloon Artist April Gomez brings color and excitement to any occasion. She can transform a room in a matter of minutes and bring a smile to the faces of many. For an even bigger impact on your guests have April entertain on stilts while making balloon hats for everyone!! April can make absolutely anything out of balloons and never makes the same balloon twice!

Starting with a balloon twisting kit she borrowed from her father years ago, April fell into the balloon world pretty easily. Being an artist at heart she was always finding new ways to express her creativity. Once she discovered that there was no end to the possibilities of what she could make with balloons she was hooked. Starting with the simple balloon flower and now to elaborate sculptures and even balloon dresses! There is no end in sight to what can be created!

"It's an Art Form in itself", April says. April has been twisting one-of-a-kind, eye-popping balloon sculptures for over six years. Her unique talent for creating inventive balloons draws crowds everywhere she goes. "I am blessed to have a job where my primary duty is to make people smile and say, Wow!" April's balloons do exactly that. She has wowed people everywhere from DC, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, The Virgin Islands, and Las Vegas with her balloons.

April is also available to make Giant Balloon Sculptures, Balloon Decor, Balloon Costumes and Balloon Dresses!

Balloon Sculpture and Decor: April can make balloon art tailored to your chosen event theme, or make a balloon delivery for that special someone. Whether it is a balloon vase with flowers, a giant teddy bear made of balloons, or a spectacular birthday hat for your guest of honor, April can WOW the best of them!

Balloon Costumes and Dresses:Taking balloon art to a whole new level! Balloon wearable's are a perfect choice for many occasions. Carnivals, proms, malls, even weddings, get creative! Balloon Dresses will last anywhere from 1-2 days as a wearable creation and will continue to shrink for over a month until they are doll size. Balloon Dresses are alluring to both kids and adults. The only limitations are the colors available and the designer's imagination!