September 3, 2012 in Variety Acts

Dai Andrews - Swordswallower

Dai Andrews has traveled the world seeking hidden knowledge and forgotten arts. He has studied with Yogis and Martial Artists, Magicians and Fakirs, learning and perfecting their arts in order to bring his audience a performance of strange feats and unusual abilities unlike any previously witnessed.

Dai is a two time Guinness World Record holding sword swallower - including one for swallowing a sword that is curved 120 degrees! His show also features a wide range of mind over body demonstrations, escape artistry and a host of other skills infused with comedy and accompanied by an original musical score.

Thirteen years ago, at the age of seventeen, Dai began his professional career in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. One year later, Dai would find himself in Europe where he perfected his craft under the most trying conditions. While in Europe, Dai’s act met with great success; he was photographed for Time magazine, performed for television, and as a part of the prestigious "Commedia del Atre".

Since that time, Dai has performed all over the world, from Baltimore to Barcelona, Johannesburg to Tokyo giving demonstrations in more than thirty countries on five continents. He is a headline entertainer at casinos, festivals, colleges, and was a feature entertainer for Carnival Cruise lines for six years. He has appeared on television more than 50 times, including Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Discovery Channel and in an internationally broadcast story on CNN. He has also been the focus of numerous newspaper and magazine articles.