November 24, 2012 in Individual Shows

Flexible Comedy - Jonathan Burns

Combining Comedy, Contortion, and Unique Stunts, Jonathan Burns performs an act unlike any other. What started over 15 years ago as a children's birthday party magic show is now an interactive comedy experience that has been a hit on stages across the globe for audiences of all ages.

Jonathan has been seen at over 200 Colleges & Universities, at Festivals in the US, Canada, China, Ireland, New Zealand, & UK, and he recently performed his signature Underwear Trick on NBC's The Jay Leno Show.

Unique Stunts, Uncommon Comedy, and Unforgettable Audience interaction makes Jonathan's act one you really need to see to describe. Jonathan's show is up to 60 minutes in length.

Jonathan Burns always thought he was "special"...

At age 12 a magic shop opened near his hometown of Johnstown, PA. He would show up every week and come home with new tricks. He would then try out his new "powers" on his family, friends, and basically anyone who would watch. Eventually, someone took notice and asked him to perform at their daughter's birthday party. He bought a sparkly vest, threw all of his tricks in a suitcase, shoved some silk scarves up his sleeves, and wowed those kids for about 20 minutes (it was a pretty long scarf)! Maybe it was the $20 he made or the sparkly vest, but this is when he decided showbiz was for him.

In 2000 he began college at Millersville University, where his act began to break away from traditional magician's tricks, and he began to experiment with other skills including juggling, stand-up comedy, contortionism, and sideshow stunts.

After school he decided to begin his career as a full-time performer. Since then his talents have taken him to stages across the United States and to festivals in Canada, China, and New Zealand. He spends most of the year touring Colleges & Universities, and his summers are spent performing at festivals and events around the globe.