September 3, 2012 in Variety Acts

Kelly Jo Stull - Cirque Extraordinaire

Kelly Jo Stull is a Master of Marine Science and a cirque extraordinaire. She has been involved in the art of dance since the age of 5, dabbling in many forms, focusing most energy on the study of classical ballet. Kelly Jo now specializes the circus arts including hoops, poi, acrobatics, fire, stilt walking and aerial dance. She studied at the New England Center for Circus Arts and now travels all over the country sharing her love of circus arts!

Kelly-Jo offers the following services:

German Wheel: The German Wheel has existed as an gymnastic sport since 1925, which has now become new age circus apparatus. Resembling a giant hamster wheel, Kelly-Jo rolls with and spins inside the large wheel. Audiences enjoy breath taking jumps, flips, swings and beautiful extensions in and out of the wheel.

Cyr Wheel: The Cyr Wheel is a large metal hoop that spins and rolls. Kelly-Jo uses strength and balance to maneuver the wheel while dancing inside.

Aerial Silks: Kelly-Jo executes beautiful poses and stops are effortlessly in the air with the assistance of a silk.

Single Lyra (Aerial Hoop): Using the circular structure, Kelly-Jo plays with moving shapes while spinning through the air.