September 3, 2012 in Individual Shows, Variety Acts

Michael Rosman - Comedian Juggler

Comedian Juggler, Michael Rosman provides physical and verbal comedy juggling acts and shows.

For 20 years, Michael has been providing successful comedy juggling shows for all ages, all types and sizes of events…even getting the most humor impaired audiences laughing.

Juggler, Clean Comedian, Corporate EntertainerUsing a wonderfully balanced eclectic mix of original comedy, breath taking skills, and chaotic klutziness, Michael continuously surprises and astounds his audiences into fits of laughter.

Michael's tools in his comediatic endeavors are props such as blenders, fire juggling torches and knives, bull whips, 6 and 9 foot unicycles and most importantly--willing and adoring audience members.

So, if you are looking for a clean comedian, consider this comedy juggler. Your audiences will thank you.