September 3, 2012 in Interactive Arts

Nona Narcisse - Living Statue

Nona Narcisse performs as a living statue. As an interactive artist, she will entertain groups of guests for moments of time, as she moves in and out of stillness. Dressed in her elegant costume, with a copper face, Nona remains motionless until a guest brings her to life. Once activated, Nona will entertain and amuse visitors with her playful and endearing performance.

Performing as a 'living statue', Nona has been part of the Baltimore Harbor Performing Program since 2011. She has performed her statue at hired events and festivals across the country. Nona is very good at being still, but she loves to move! With a strong dance background, she has had training from the age of four in ballet, modern dance, African dance, and belly dance. Nona has theater, clown, and mime training from the Celebration Barn Theater.

Nona Narcisse - Living Statue

About Nona

Nona is a well-rounded variety performer. She has posed as a model for artists and photographers continuously over the last six years, both working and performing in New Orleans La., Chicago, Orlando, NYC, Richmond Va., Baltimore, Washington DC, and Ascona, Switzerland.

Nona has performed with many musicians, burlesque troupes, and productions in the bustling and vibrant New Orleans scene since 2007. She is invited to perform regularly at Trixie Minx's weekly Burlesque Ballroom Revue, and is hired by Angela Eve of Chicago, and Angie Pontani of New York among many others to perform in their tours and productions. Nona founded an award winning burlesque and variety show called Slow Burn Burlesque.

She has performed at events such as The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival, Tease-O-Rama, The New York Burlesque Festival, The Ascona Jazz Festival, Bourbon and Burlesque, Voodoo Music Experience, The Early Evening Show and The Burlesque Ballroom. She is also a trained costumer and seamstress, as well as a massage and polarity therapist. Variety!