September 3, 2012 in Interactive Arts, Variety Acts

Salih Mahammed - Juggler

Salih Mahammed is a Circus performer from Ethiopia based in Baltimore, MD, USA. He had more than 12 years of performing experience. He performs a solo and duo Ball bounce­juggler, Bounce­juggling on a V shaped surface, can juggle up to 7 balls while balancing on a Unicycle, duo and solo Club juggling, Shape spinning(Square and Cube), Acrobat, Human pyramid, Fire,knife juggler and Dance! He started performing internationally since 2007 around Europe with Circus Mother Africa tour 2007- ­2008. Circus Ferrel 2009­ - 2010. Cruise ship with Mien Schiff 2010. And in USA Cirque dreams 2011­ - 2015.