August 9, 2017 in Interactive Arts

Morgana Alba - Mermaid

Since her childhood spent playing in the Carribean waters, Morgana has always been drawn to the sea. Today she swims beneath the surface in a 7.5ft, full silicone, tail. Her background in cabaret and dance, coupled with her multiple diving certifications, means Morgana can offer you more than your average Mermaid-in-a-tank. She brings a whole show.

Morgana is Washington D.C.'s original resident mermaid and one of the top mermaid performers and models in the mid-Atlantic. She has performed for weddings, parties, and even at Sandals Resorts. From children's birthday parties, to business promotions, to charity balls. Adding a mermaid is bound to make your event pop and be something your guests talk about for years to come.