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Interactive Artists

The Circus of Wonders can provide Interactive Artists that will use your entire venue as the stage. Our artists will roam throughout your event, bringing wonder, magic & play directly to your guests!

Interactive Artists

On Stage

The Circus of Wonders specialized in on-stage performers. Develop your very own circus show by choosing from a swordswallower, contortionist, magician, juggler, mime, clown, dancers and more!

On Stage

Workshops/ Lectures

The Circus of Wonders offers a variety of workshops and lectures, which provide a unique way for your guests to engage directly in the circus... be learning it themselves!

Workshop/ Lectures

Full Shows

Many of The Circus of Wonders performers have full length solo and ensemble shows which can be added to your custom circus package. Guaranteed to be fun and amazing!

Full Shows

Spreading wonder, magic & play across the universe!

The Circus of Wonders develops and presents original circus shows, and creates custom circus packages for special events, festivals, as well as theatrical and nightlife experiences. Our team of artists is comprised of top-notch professionals who have presented their art throughout the entire world.

We specialize in designing original circus programs based on your specific needs and desires. Whether you are planning a two-hour cocktail party or a multi-day festival, we’ll create a custom package just for you!

Choose from any combination of our on stage performers, interactive artists, full shows as well as workshops & lectures, and allow us to work with you to deliver the perfect touch of magic to your event.

Special Events

Allow the Circus of Wonders to add some magic to your cocktail party, banquet, holiday celebration, company picnic, or other special event. Whether you are expecting 50 guests or 5000, we'll make the package that's right for you! Read More!

Festivals/ Fairs

The Circus of Wonders was designed with festivals in mind. We can provide hours of programming with interactive art, stage shows, as well as workshops and lectures. Suitable for both one-day and multi-day events. Read More!


The Circus of Wonders makes any nightlife experience come alive! Great for night clubs & dance parties, our interactive artists and stage performers can transform any space or venue into a magical wonderland! Read More!


Allow us to custom craft a Circus of Wonders Variety Show to suit any audience or venue. We can provide from 30 to 90 minutes of entertainment. Guaranteed to be filled with fun, magic & mystery! Read More!

Public AppearancesCatch the Circus of Wonders in action!

October 30, 20141 year ago

11/1/14 - GRAVE YARDS at Yards Park - Washington, DC

The Circus of Wonders will be providing over 20 hours of LIVE Programming at Grave Yards in the beautiful Yards Park in Washington, DC! Read more
April 29, 20141 year ago

5/10/14 - SIDE YARDS at Yards Park - Washington, DC

The Circus of Wonders will be providing over 30 hours of LIVE Programming at Side Yards in the beautiful Yards Park in Washington, DC! Read more

July 11, 20132 years ago

7/20/13 - Cirque Internationale at Artscape - Baltimore, MD

The Circus of Wonders will be providing 30 hours of LIVE Programming at this years Artscape! All events will take place on Saturday, July 20, 2013. Read more

June 9, 20132 years ago

6/14/13 - National Geographic 125th Anniversary - Washington, DC

National Geographic is celebrating their 125th Anniversary, and the Circus of Wonders has been asked to add some wonder to the celebration!

Featuring Ambush Theater, Swordswallower Dai Andrews, Magician David London, and Face and body paint by Jeramie Bellmay

Click here for official event website

Read more

February 23, 20132 years ago

3/15/13 - Circus of Wonders and Single Carrot Theatre present Harley Newman: Theater of Danger! - Baltimore, MD

At birth, doctors wondered if Harley Newman would survive. They still do.

Join Harley on the knife’s edge bridge between the universe inside his head and the world outside. Each step leaves you wondering what could possibly happen next! Read more