September 3, 2012 in Variety Acts

Alyssum Pohl - Contortionist

Alyssum Pohl is an accomplished front-bending contortionist, who pulls from and integrates varied forms of dance and movement, including bellydance, yoga, classical Indian, classical Chinese and Mongolian, rhythm tap, creative movement, African, lyrical stage, jazz, contra-dance, waltz, 80's pop, as well as pop-and-lock.

Alyssum first realized she had the gift of contortion when she was just seven years old, after seeing a picture of someone with their legs behind their head, practicing yoga. When she tried to do this, she discovered she could! Shortly thereafter, Alyssum began studying and practicing yoga, but soon realized that she was more flexible than the other yogis. After watching a documentary on contortionists, Alyssum knew she had found her calling, and sought training in the art of contortion. She has since worked with world renowned contortion trainers to hone the abilities that now make up her contortion act .

A lifelong dancer, Alyssum cites great influence from her study of tribal-style bellydance with Sri Tarasita, director of Rakadu Gypsy, in 1998, and commenced performing with Rakadu three years later. Rakadu, famous for their storytelling and improvisational bellydance, was the perfect launching pad for Alyssum's unique performance style.

Alyssum Pohl