September 3, 2012 in Workshops/ Lectures

Ukulele Workshop

Do you find that the 6 strings of the guitar too many? Do you feel that you are not nerdy enough for the accordion? Now there is an instrument for EVERYONE!Great for parties!  Perfect to play along at jams! Easy to pick up, hard to put down! Travel Sized! 4 strings and the truth! The Incredible, Portable, Magical, Musical, Ukulele is now within your reach! Learn the basics of making sweet uke love and leave this workshop well on your way to becoming a ROCK GOD!

Mab, Just Mab will show you how to get started on your road to uke love!

This is a class for beginners, and people who have held a uke once or twice.

Mab Just Mab searched long and hard to find a melody instrument and failed miserably at all of them....until she met the Uke! She picked it up NYE, 2009 and hasn't put it down since!

In the realm of the extraordinary, one artist stands out.  Mab has performed all over this country, touring fairs, festivals, and alleyways across the US.  She boasts a performing career that has spanned over 18 years.  She has worked with artists and dancers not only as a musician and performer, but as someone who enables others to realize their dreams of performance.