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Individual Shows

Cerebral Sorcery

A mysterious box taunts two eccentric magicians. They must solve a series of curious riddles and metaphysical puzzles in order to unlock its secrets. More Info

Flexible Comedy - Jonathan Burns

Combining Comedy, Contortion, and Unique Stunts, Jonathan Burns performs an act unlike any other. What started over 15 years ago as a children's birthday party magic show is now an interactive comedy experience that has been a hit on stages across the globe for audiences of all ages. More Info

Magic Outside The Box - David London

Join magician David London on a journey to someplace else.

Featuring highlights from all of David’s previous shows, this full-length performance combines magic, story-telling, comedy, puppetry, and that which cannot be defined, into a show of magic unlike anything you have experienced before. More Info

Theater of Danger - Harley Newman

Harley pushes limits. He walks barefoot on sharp swords, dances in broken glass, and clears his sinuses with a high-heeled shoe! He swallows swords, uses his tongue to stop fans and pick locks, and escapes from a straitjacket while riding a unicycle!

More Info

Modern Fakir - Dai Andrews

This extreme performance presents new, strange and marvelous demonstrations you will never find anywhere else alongside re-imagined favorites, presented with humor and wit. Dai Andrews enthralls audiences with the mind bending exhibition of feats from Hindu Fakirs, Shaolin monks and beyond. Modern Fakir provides a unique glimpse into the potential of the human body. More Info

Comedy Hypnosis Show - Larry Volz

Larry Volz has a PhD in clinical hypnosis, has written two textbooks, taught hundreds of hypnotists and at one point had 195 different hypnotists working for him when he was head of the American Hypnosis Clinic. So not only is his show hysterically funny... your audiences are SAFE in his hands! As winner of the International Battle of the Hypnotists and a veteran performer of theaters, cruise ships and television you can be sure of a HYSTERICAL good time! More Info

Suitcase Story - Emma Jaster

An adventure story told through clown, puppetry, acrobatics, maps and music. A mysterious suitcase transports our impish heroine through countless adventures to pluck at your heartstrings and tickle your funny bone as she finds her way on life's path. For audiences of all ages. More Info

Doc Volz Medicine Show

Larry "Doc" Volz has over two decades of experience surprising people with belly laughs and impossible inventions on television, cruise ships, theaters, renaissance faires, corporate events and colleges all around the world. Audiences everywhere love his hysterical and amazing shows that always include creative magic scripted, costumed and set with a real sense of theater. More Info

Cardone - Vaudeville Magician

Magic, Ventriloquism, Illusion, escape artistry, mind-reading, humor, pantomime and audience participation make his show the ultimate in variety entertainment.

Cardone is also the world's first Mentriloquist and has and has mystified audiences around the world with his unique ability.  More Info

Michael Rosman - Comedian Juggler

Comedian Juggler, Michael Rosman provides physical and verbal comedy juggling acts and shows.

For 20 years, Michael has been providing successful comedy juggling shows for all ages, all types and sizes of events…even getting the most humor impaired audiences laughing. More Info