November 24, 2012 in Individual Shows

Modern Fakir - Dai Andrews

This extreme performance presents new, strange and marvelous demonstrations you will never find anywhere else alongside re-imagined favorites, presented with humor and wit. Dai Andrews enthralls audiences with the mind bending exhibition of feats from Hindu Fakirs, Shaolin monks and beyond. Modern Fakir provides a unique glimpse into the potential of the human body.

Demonstrations may include:

Sword Swallowing- Featuring the 90 degree curved sword, seven swords at one time, red hot sword and more...

Iron Body Chi Gung- Bending spears and steel rebar and breaking arrows with the throat, the man who can't be hung.

Iron Palm Chi Gung- Breaking steel bars with bear hands.

Traditional Fakir Demonstrations- The human blockhead, bed of nails, the human pincushion, fire eating..

Escape Artistry- Straitjackets, chains, handcuffs, 100 ft. of rope challenge escape.

And much more...