November 24, 2012 in Individual Shows

Doc Volz Medicine Show

Larry "Doc" Volz has over two decades of experience surprising people with belly laughs and impossible inventions on television, cruise ships, theaters, renaissance faires, corporate events and colleges all around the world. Audiences everywhere love his hysterical and amazing shows that always include creative magic scripted, costumed and set with a real sense of theater.

He won the People's Choice Award from the International Brotherhood of Magicians for Stage Magic, the Stage Magic World Championship from the Society of American Magicians and the International Battle of the Hypnotists in Tokyo Japan.

He offers contemporary, steampunk & Renaissance asthetics and both solo and ensemble shows. His trademark "Amazing Elixer of Life" medicine show style antics and impossible inventions include teleporters, invisibility generators, instant hair growth machines that go horribly awry and much more. Creative & hilarious fun for all ages.